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serpentine / змеевик, серпентин
имя существительное
coil, serpentine, worm-pipe, coil-pipe
имя прилагательное
serpentine, anguine, ophidian
serpentine, snaky, colubrine
winding, tortuous, meandering, sinuous, convoluted, serpentine
wriggle, squirm, coil, meander, serpentine, wiggle
имя прилагательное
of or like a serpent or snake.
serpentine coils
имя существительное
a dark green mineral consisting of hydrated magnesium silicate, sometimes mottled or spotted like a snake's skin.
The metamorphic mineral serpentine - or magnesium silicate hydroxide - is composed of magnesium, silicon and oxygen and is plentiful.
a thing in the shape of a winding curve or line, in particular.
a kind of cannon, used especially in the 15th and 16th centuries.
By 1500 triggers had been developed, which remotely operated the serpentine and thus removed the gunner's hand from the area of the touch-hole.
move or lie in a winding path or line.
fresh tire tracks serpentined back toward the hopper
He's an otherwise decent scientist possessed by the swirling, serpentine tentacles that continually whisper in his ears.
This is consistent with low-porosity sedimentary serpentine .
Banana trees hang out over the long and winding road and traffic rips around serpentine curves at speeds more appropriate to medical emergencies than the transportation of fruit.
It is an easy drive on two lane roads that serpentine through the Laurel Mountains.
Then the couple decided to throw some curves at the problem, in the form of a serpentine front deck that echoes curves in the home's landscaping.
The intellectual and creative processes by which we improve infrastructural code are no less natural than the geological forces that turn granite into gneiss, limestone into marble and peridotite into serpentine .
As one looks upward at the wall, one can find the serpentine road clinging to the mountain just like a snake with numerous whirls.
Then Frankie and I climb back in and the three of us continue down the languid, serpentine river.
She says her illustration of a frenzied cat with a serpentine body always provoked immense laughter from children.
I was commended on one fine piece of unusual serpentine that I'd found, and felt very pleased with myself indeed, until I remembered that I had, after all, found it, and had had no idea in the world how rare it was until that moment.