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serpent / змея, змей, змий
имя существительное
snake, serpent, viper, asp, ophidian
serpent, snake
devil, Satan, demon, fiend, Belial, serpent
коварный человек
devil, serpent
имя существительное
a large snake.
Join us each day for stories about serpents , from flying snakes to Vietnamese cobras and North American copperheads.
a sly or treacherous person, especially one who exploits a position of trust in order to betray it.
a bass wind instrument made of leather-covered wood in three U-shaped turns, with a cup-shaped mouthpiece and few keys. It was played in military and church bands from the 17th to 19th centuries.
Brass bands began as military bands in the 19th century, initially with keyed bugles, serpents , bass horns, and other keyed brass instruments, changing to valved brass once these became available.
It's a snake-like serpent which came upon the landscape and created the rivers and streams and waterholes.
A column of water arose and formed into a great serpent, and the head of the serpent was that of a woman.
A colossal black serpent , with a dragon's head, wings, and legs, was twisted around itself like a giant knot.
She told him to take the serpent 's teeth and sow them in the ground.
The feathered serpent flew up into the air, his body glowing in a heavenly way.
The serpent finished wrapping itself around him and began to constrict him.
The dragon and the serpent flew into the clouds and it started to rain heavily.
The serpent coiled, tensing to spring forth once more.
In the original, Krishna lies sleeping on the twelve-headed demon serpent .
Focusing intently on the object, he was relatively relieved to discover that it was a copper sphere with a serpent wrapped around it, not the grim skull that he expected to see.