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sermonize / проповедовать, читать мораль, поучать
preach, sermonize, rant, peddle, pulpiteer
читать мораль
preach, edify, lesson, moralize, sermonize, tutor
compose or deliver a sermon.
At the time of the framing, by contrast, preachers were instrumental in instituting the rule of law, sermonizing in favor of obedience to legitimately enacted laws.
What I'm trying hard to resist here is an impulse to sermonize against a comeback of the notion, so fashionable in the sixties, that all art is neurotic or psychotic, and that madness is a proof of grace.
It wasn't just for me - I knew he'd appreciate not having to listen to Opal sermonize at his expense for a while.
He even sent a field representative who encouraged local pastors to sermonize about the school choice issue.
Preachers paid for time to sermonize , listeners could call in, some slots were reserved for Christian music.
Urge upon your minister, priest, rabbi or bishop that as a moral leader of the community he or she should sermonize and speak out publicly against hate crimes, especially against anti-gay violence.
Millions of Muslims today go to their local mosques and hear their preachers sermonize from the Holy Koran.
they confidently sermonize on the fixed nature of identity
they confidently sermonize on the fixed nature of identity
He urges the nervous young priest to sermonize against her.
Care had to be taken not to preach or sermonise or abstractly reach the ‘so-called intellectual audience’ alone.