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seriously / серьезно, всерьез
seriously, gravely, earnestly, in earnest
seriously, in earnest, earnestly
in a solemn or considered manner.
the doctor looked seriously at him
with earnest intent; not lightly or superficially.
I seriously considered canceling my subscription
to a degree that is significant or worrying because of possible danger or risk.
the amount of fat you eat can seriously affect your health
he was seriously rich
I seriously question whether a prosecution with that result is appropriate in a case of this character.
No seriously though, now that I noticed it I can't help but wonder why this is.
I drove to the station in a seriously bad mood
If and when we move back to Devon (and every time I go there recently I seriously contemplate it) Ashburton is top of the list of places to buy a house.
do you seriously believe that I would jeopardize my career by such acts?
More substantively, does he seriously maintain that genes indicate only the effects of selection?
Nobody seriously believes that teaching children in batches of 20 or 30 can offer an appropriately individualised education.
Designed thoughtfully and implemented seriously , it can eventually become your primary source of new hires.
The South East was most seriously affected but none of the train operators there reported significant delays either.
seriously though , shortcuts rarely work