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series / ряд, серия, цикл
имя существительное
series, range, row, variety, line, sequence
series, range, batch, part, suite, chapter
cycle, series, round, circle, circuit, tour
имя существительное
a number of things, events, or people of a similar kind or related nature coming one after another.
the explosion was the latest in a series of accidents
a set of related television or radio programs, especially of a specified kind.
a new drama series
denoting electrical circuits or components arranged so that the current passes through each successively.
In a series circuit with two or more bulbs, which bulb lights first when the circuit is closed?
(in chronostratigraphy) a range of strata corresponding to an epoch in time, being a subdivision of a system and itself subdivided into stages.
the Pliocene series
a set of elements with common properties or of compounds related in composition or structure.
the metals of the lanthanide series
A series resistor and parallel cap were not as effective as a series inductor and the cap.
Its current line includes five F series forwarders and two H series harvesters.
Siemens 45 series phones are less affected and can be resuscitated after about two minutes of work.
they launched into a series of questions
the explosion was the latest in a series of accidents
He has been conducting a series of workshops around the country on wartime journalism ethics.
The event featured a series of panel discussions related to issues of media.
Two days later, the teams engaged in the highest scoring game of the series .
The moment is dramatic and emotional whether the final series lasts four games or seven.
If the Twins split the first two games of the division series on the road, look out when they return home.