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serialize / издавать сериями, издавать выпусками
издавать сериями
издавать выпусками
publish or broadcast (a story or play) in regular installments.
sections of the book were serialized in The New Yorker
arrange (something) in a series.
I thought you did an incredible job of serializing the classes.
the Webernites went on to serialize not only the notes themselves, but the silences, the durations
Indeed, the uneven vocabulary of sexual difference can be seen as part of a movement that itself sought to conjoin and serialize socio-sexual practices and behaviors.
The company can mark tubing with alphanumerical text of any height, width, and thickness, and can serialize this text.
What is more interesting, perhaps, is to see Arthur Conan Doyle himself doing running patchwork on some of those holes, as they became apparent to him while writing and serializing his story in the Strand Magazine.
It's here that he serialized the silent story that broke him to North Americans when it was published in 2001 as the graphic novel, Hey Wait.
If the threads are inherently serialized , however, the improved cache hit rate may be worth it.
His autobiography (ghost-written, like all the publications that came out under his name) was serialized in magazines and on radio, bought by a major book club, and reprinted a number of times.
Something more along the lines of an instant messaging chat room session, where the alternating blog entries are serialized , would be better.
The novella was serialized in the London Magazine beginning in June 1912 and in the Amencan Sunday Monthly the next summer.
In 1922, at the age of seventy-nine, he wrote a brief memoir that was serialized in a Peeksklll newspaper and later issued in a limited-edition pamphlet.