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sergeant / сержант
имя существительное
sergeant, sarge, serjeant, non-com, non-commissioned officer
имя существительное
a noncommissioned officer in the armed forces, in particular (in the US Army or Marine Corps) an NCO ranking above corporal and below staff sergeant, or (in the US Air Force) an NCO ranking above airman and below staff sergeant.
Because of the increased number of volunteer soldiers, the ministry will phase out recruitment of non-commissioned officers, including air force and army sergeants and naval petty officers.
Before long, they were recognized at a truck stop by an alert police sergeant in Indiana.
Outside the front gate, two policemen with an over-enthusiastic sergeant stood and looked at the gnomes, who looked back, curious but still as stone.
That year Dad had got his promotion to sergeant at the station and the party was a little bigger than usual, which wasn't much but something.
At the Police station, a sergeant takes down my story and informs me I've been the victim of online Identity theft.
So I was locked in with my cousin in jail until the sergeant on duty released us.
The decision that this should happen was taken by a police sergeant .
Since the launch, the town centre has been covered by placing one sergeant , five police constables and two special constables in the town centre, with back-up from police cars.
My sergeant fired and the suspect stopped raising his pistol and tossed it to the floor in front of him.
The person in distress was an Army sergeant who had been on land-navigation and survival training in the mountains of West Virginia.
I might have continued had not the sergeant in charge flung open the door.