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serene / спокойный, безмятежный, тихий
имя прилагательное
calm, quiet, tranquil, peaceful, easy, serene
serene, halcyon, placid, impassive
quiet, silent, soft, low, calm, serene
имя существительное
спокойное море
безоблачное небо
clear sky, serene
имя прилагательное
calm, peaceful, and untroubled; tranquil.
her eyes were closed and she looked very serene
(in a title) used as a term of respect for members of some European royal families.
His Serene Highness
имя существительное
an expanse of clear sky or calm sea.
not a cloud obscured the deep serene
New mothers are usually stereotyped as being calmer and more serene after they give birth.
Larry's face was calm, almost serene ; his voice was quiet and steady.
During our one week cooling off period after signing the papers, I was strangely serene .
His glorious blond curls shone golden in the candlelight, framing his remarkably serene features.
The children and staff work and communicate in a very serene and peaceful fashion.
Great minds such as ours must be serene and tranquil in order to remain above the fray.
The expression he wore was calm, almost completely serene , except for the penetrating glare he had trained on Travis.
She was calm, perfectly serene in her stance as she approached him.
She leaned back into me, a serene smile written across her beautiful lips.
Even after the horror of it all, she still looked so serene .