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serenade / серенада
имя существительное
serenade, serenata
исполнять серенаду
entertain (someone) with a serenade.
a strolling guitarist serenades the diners
Whisper sweet nothings in her ear, enchant her with roses and a serenade and woo her and make her swoon.
At the end of the meal he surprised her with a serenade by a gentleman who sang something French to her.
When it comes to impressing your future someone, no amount of borrowed tunes can beat a handmade serenade .
You need to tell us how you were reciting epic poetry, and making her swoon with a beautiful serenade !
When she emerges fresh faced and sleepy from below deck after a night of passion, greeted by a serenade from the crew, it took my breath away.
His seventh and eighth symphonies get an occasional airing, as do the serenade for strings and the robust violin concerto.
Maybe sing me a serenade and beg for my forgiveness again.
She had chosen ‘Morning Has Broken’ for her serenade .
I'd told him on our first date that the most romantic thing to me would be having a guy that couldn't sing serenade me.
In the 18th century a serenade was a piece of instrumental music of up to ten movements, scored for a small ensemble, usually with a predominance of wind instruments.