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sequoia / секвойя
имя существительное
имя существительное
a redwood tree, especially the California redwood.
The most common forms included beech-like trees, poplars, willows, cattails, sumac, soapberry, and conifers such as pines, sequoias , and false cypress.
As a result of a picture in that issue of a sequoia with many others around it that were dwarfs in comparison, we planned a late April trip to Sequoia National Park to check this out.
Visit here on Dec. 14 and participate in the annual trek to the General Grant Tree, the third-largest sequoia in the United States.
In an essay on a giant sequoia tree, for example, the editors deleted a phrase that compared the sequoia 's shape to that of a Christmas tree because the analogy was considered religious and might be offensive to non-Christians.
He notes carefully the distinctive qualities of particular specimens of goldcup oak, Douglas spruce, yellow pine, silver fir, and sequoia .
Before this spring, visitors hopped out of their vehicles in a cloud of exhaust smoke and gazed up at the gossamer falls from the cracked asphalt, the smell of sequoias and the sound of cascading water barely discernible.
Throughout the landscape stand stately trees thick enough to remind me of California's sequoias , their massive roots winding over the earth.
But fires can kill when flames reach the crowns of smaller trees and leap from there to the limbs of the sequoias , high above the ground.
James, real quickly, we've mentioned the sequoias , but lately haven't talked about the importance of these trees.
Wander through a moody grove of ancient sequoias on an easy 1/2-mile loop.
At 1,540 acres, this was once the world's largest privately owned grove of sequoias .