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sequential / последовательный, являющийся продолжением, являющийся следствием
имя прилагательное
consistent, serial, consecutive, successive, sequential, coherent
являющийся продолжением
являющийся следствием
sequent, sequential
имя прилагательное
forming or following in a logical order or sequence.
a series of sequential steps
It is also better than sequential elimination voting, in which one candidate is eliminated each round, because it can be done all at once and with less expense.
However, this campaign need not be sequential to be effective, the cumulative effect across all regions will help achieve the results we seek.
The steps are sequential and linked in the sense that each step was not possible without the previous step, and each step was motivated by the previous one.
Global sales of semiconductor chips in October rose by 2.5% from September, the first month since November 2000 with sequential growth.
The Bill had already passed out of the Judiciary Committee but it had a sequential referral to Commerce which needed to approve it before we went to the floor for House Passage.
It might have been desirable to perform sequential multiple regression analyses to evaluate the unique contribution of each type of maltreatment experience to our results on startle.
This is also true of cache memory, which has been proven to greatly improve performance for sequential data streams.
Just as the pulse of the times can be measured by the mood and the events of each decade (hence the compulsion to look at history in sequential periods of ten years), it can be felt by the habits and thoughts of a generation.
Imaging, analyzing, and decisionmaking, which once proceeded in distinct, often lengthy, sequential steps, now occur almost simultaneously.
Here is a supreme example of sequential planning.