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sepulchral / могильный, замогильный, погребальный
имя прилагательное
funerary, mortuary, sepulchral, obsequial, obituary, charnel
имя прилагательное
of or relating to a tomb or interment.
sepulchral monuments
In the sepulchral gloom of the strip club two other dancers are substituted.
What makes it so remarkable is how sepulchral the voices are.
Now our stone may differ a little from the general run of Holed Stones found in many of the sepulchral monuments to be found in Western Europe to India.
Mother and son lie together, sepulchral white sheets covering them, rejoined in a kind of death, and David can finally close his eyes and dream.
The figure of Christ, his sepulchral pallor set off by a shroud of tender pink, confronts the viewer with awesome directness.
Shafts of direct sunlight are carefully choreographed to shine down directly onto the altar, their intensity emphasized by the sepulchral semi-darkness of the surroundings.
A maze of sterile-looking, particle-board cubicles had been erected in the room and the lights dimmed to a sepulchral twilight.
The tenuous suggestion that Stonehenge may thus be a sepulchral monument, is perhaps strengthened by the large number of burial mounds in the surrounding landscape.
The shade of corruption laid a sepulchral pall over the land, affecting all in its wake.
The row over ties and over which news organisation had been the more sepulchral (or had more pages, more black borders, sections, pages etc) rumbled all week and became a story in its own right.