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septuagenarian / семидесятилетний, в возрасте между 70 и 79 годами
имя прилагательное
septuagenarian, septuagenary
в возрасте между 70 и 79 годами
имя существительное
a person who is from 70 to 79 years old.
Japan's parliament, or Diet, has more septuagenarians and octogenarians than almost any other, and they are ill-prepared for radical changes.
The documentary follows the white-haired septuagenarian from his garden in North Carolina, to hip-hop shows in San Francisco, to visits with music pioneers in New York City and Long Island.
The septuagenarian is still keeping himself active in the literary world, despite a recent paralytic stroke.
Here's comfort for septuagenarians feeling OK now but wondering what they'll be like in ten years time.
Ask the average squash player about the state of hardball singles in the US, and he will say that is probably just a few septuagenarians swatting a red pellet in the basement of some long forgotten club.
More significantly, while younger people may cower at the thought of being forced out of bed and into an office in their twilight years, many septuagenarians insist that they must be given the right to work.
They're septuagenarians with a fear of modernity and women.
They had a couple of tireless septuagenarians in their ranks who motored about like people half their age.
Newman has the power to make septuagenarians feel not only empowered, but really cool.
And the film, as it turns out, is a touching, beautifully told story about two septuagenarians who, 50 years after their adolescent romance, bump into each other once more and fall in love all over again.
It was staffed largely by senior citizens, and junkets of septuagenarians made up a large portion of the visitors.