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septicaemia / сепсис, септицемия, заражение крови
имя существительное
sepsis, septicemia, blood poisoning, septicaemia
septicemia, septicaemia
заражение крови
blood poisoning, septicemia, sepsis, toxaemia, toxemia, septicaemia
имя существительное
blood poisoning, especially that caused by bacteria or their toxins.
Autopsy figures show we die from cancer, heart disease, pneumonia and septicemia and pulmonary emboli in that order.
In patients with superimposed bacterial infection, septicaemia develops and is associated with increased morbidity and mortality.
It may present as a localised infection or involve a single organ or as generalised septicaemia .
Bacterial septicaemia was quickly ruled out, with the evidence pointing to a toxic or preacute viral cause.
He had developed erysipelas at the site of a mosquito bite, which resulted in septicaemia and pneumonia.
In 1878, he identified the germ that caused blood poisoning and septicaemia .
The Foundation fights death and disability from meningitis and septicaemia and supports people affected by the diseases.
We are seeing more and more cases of septicaemia without any meningitis symptoms which makes it hard to diagnose.
A ‘very sick’ young infant may have pneumonia, septicaemia , and meningitis.
The septicaemia had developed because his rash had become infected.
The toxins produced by many of the bacteria that cause septicaemia can severely damage any of the cells of the body.