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septic / септический, гнилостный
имя прилагательное
septic, septicemic, septicaemic
putrefactive, putrescent, septic, saprogenic, saprogenous
имя прилагательное
(chiefly of a wound or a part of the body) infected with bacteria.
The differential diagnosis of a cavitary lung lesion includes neoplasm, infection, and septic embolus.
denoting a drainage system incorporating a septic tank.
If you encounter drainfield problems, contact an experienced, licensed septic maintenance company to discuss which of these options will work best for your particular system.
имя существительное
a drainage system incorporating a septic tank.
We had a Boy Scout troop offer their meeting place and the building was fantastic, but where you parked the trucks was right where they have the septics .
Unfortunately, despite this precaution, the hazards of platelet transfusion still include serious septic reactions.
I accept Mr. Wemyss' evidence that he was indeed concerned about the possible septic problems and that he had no other reason for wanting to abandon the deal.
All fatalities occurred outside the hospital, and none of these individuals had a medical history of a septic condition prior to death.
I've got calluses, cuts that have gone septic , and the skin is falling off.
Finally, early enteral feeding may reduce septic morbidity after abdominal trauma and pancreatitis.
Older methods of well construction, and the well's location in relation to septic or livestock facilities on many farms, makes older and shallow wells prone to contamination.
Proving that this was known could be difficult, unless a local septic contractor has records of having serviced the system in recent times.
Two patients developed sepsis related to catheter infections, and one patient developed septic emboli from a catheter infection.
There were, right from the beginning, crises: a septic infection, an ectopic pregnancy, an alarming lump in one woman's leg.
In southern areas such as the Mississippi Delta, the predominant mosquito vector for West Nile virus is Culex quinquefasciatus, which breeds in drainage ditches and septic ponds.