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separator / сепаратор, разделитель, отделитель
имя существительное
separator, eliminator, settler
separator, eliminator
имя существительное
a machine or device that separates something into its constituent or distinct elements.
a magnetic separator
I could hear him giving them their instructions through the room separator .
a magnetic separator
Next, weave Kleenex between toes to keep them apart, or use a toe separator .
The Rose Medical Center had two patients to one room, with two sets of equipment, beds, and TVs, separated only by a sheet of plastic, running on a metal guide on the ceiling, that could act as a separator .
Several window manufacturers now sandwich foam separators , nylon spacers, and insulation materials such as poly-styrene and rockwool between the glass inside their windows.
On a related note, and something that we mentioned previously, the manuals should have descriptive tab separators .
It was elegant with its black tiles, glass separators , and some gold fixtures.
Two- and three-rail fences are nice landscape separators , while the taller four- and five-rail versions make a stout fence for animals.
Why hadn't she simply pretended there were no gaps, no separators , only a blank, endless space of that blinding, sheer white that sent her head spinning?
Then, if you dropped the battery on a concrete floor, the glass separators cracked or broke, thus violating the solid barrier between the plates.