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separatism / сепаратизм
имя существительное
separatism, secessionism
имя существительное
the advocacy or practice of separation of a certain group of people from a larger body on the basis of ethnicity, religion, or gender.
French Canadian separatism
Among the most common of these are ethnic separatism and communal violence.
Secondly, he feared separatism and sectarianism.
Perhaps separatism is the result of a corrupt and arrogant government as is the case now.
The curse of nationalism and religious separatism has to be recognised and accepted as a force.
There was no political separatism in France during this period, only a cultural regionalism that was entirely compatible with national unity.
The program of separatism is completely dependent upon winning the support of the Western powers.
French Canadian separatism
Basque separatism
The new president inherits a nation torn by ethnic violence and separatism .
Indonesian leaders recognized the possibility of ethnic and regional separatism from the beginning of the republic.