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separable / отделимый, разъемный
имя прилагательное
sectional, separable, dismountable, divided, built-up
имя прилагательное
able to be separated or treated separately.
body and soul are not separable
Property rights are not separable from an action.
But there is another factor and that's why I think it's quite important to be able to look at Maori mental health as a distinctive problem that is separable from socio-economic disadvantage.
However, in practice, the roles of Commissioners on the one hand and of the services on the other are not as separable or as distinguishable as these provisions of the Code imply.
He has come out of his own story; and this is perhaps the best definition that can be offered of a great literary character: that he becomes a separable being.
With older forms of communication, generic information, such as addresses on envelopes or telephone numbers, is separable from content, such as letters and telephone conversations.
But in reality they are not separable from other aspects of the mind.
In fact, social status throughout Polynesia had two quite distinct and separable aspects to it.
We are fond of separating style and content but they aren't separable : they come from the same place.
My views on her actual politics should be easily separable from my views on her worth as an engaged citizen, just as my feelings about the righteousness of her current gaol term should be separable from my views about her political fate.
Technical limits relate to the extent to which services are separable from the core activities of the firm in question.