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sentinel / часовой, страж
имя существительное
sentry, guard, sentinel
guardian, watch, sentinel, custodian
guard, protect, safeguard, keep, preserve, sentinel
стоять на страже
guard, patrol, sentinel
имя существительное
a soldier or guard whose job is to stand and keep watch.
Immediately, a sentinel standing guard near the jail confronted him.
station a soldier or guard by (a place) to keep watch.
a wide course had been roped off and sentineled with police
the first national HIV sentinel surveillance programme in the developing world
There has been some speculation that Charles was assassinated, but from forensic examination of his skull it is fairly certain that an enemy sentinel caught sight of his head peering over the parapet and managed a lucky hit.
She knew not whether to fear it or love it; at this moment she only wished to find someplace where she could sit, unnoticed by the sentinel who stood near the fire at the east end of the encampment.
We here present a model of field study, based on the use of sentinel species, that we are currently applying to risk assessment in the area around a focus of pollution.
A soldier high on the roof behind his machine gun watched vigilantly over the far horizon - a silent sentinel .
Amphibians are regarded as sentinel vertebrates in the current drama of global extinctions.
soldiers stood sentinel with their muskets
Performing sentinel lymph node biopsy requires coordinated expertise between nuclear medicine physicians, pathologists, and surgeons.
The sentinel still stood at attention directly under the lantern, not moving but to breathe.
the first national HIV sentinel surveillance program in the developing world