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sentimentalism / сентиментализм
имя существительное
имя существительное
the excessive expression of feelings of tenderness, sadness, or nostalgia in behavior, writing, or speech.
the author blends realism with surrealism, journalism with sentimentalism
But it does not extend infinitely, as false sentimentalism would have us believe.
But on the subject of American slavery, film-makers have always had an enormous sea of sentimentalism and melodrama to cross before even considering the subject.
The Waltons and their family-friendly, values-based sentimentalism led the charge for an entire brigade of sentimental sap.
Mixing sentimentalism and human rights, however, remains just as potent a formula in the twenty-first century as the nineteenth.
This vanishing reflects both the culture's increasing intolerance of sentimentalism and mainstream comics' marginalizing of women readers.
Similarly, while those watching in 1940 saw a radical indictment, many modern critics have written Ford's film off as hollow, conservative sentimentalism .
Furthermore, Crane's prose denies the consolations of sentimentalism , in which the less fortunate are cast as inferior objects of pity and condescension.
Literary sentimentalism and the adventure tale after Defoe, with its mixed narrative mode of thrilling episode and pious reflection, also influenced the rhetoric of the slave narrative.
All kinds of expectations and connotations lie embedded in ‘comedy’: for example, the trap of sentimentalism .
Scholars of nineteenth-century sentimentalism note the radical universalism underlying sentimental discourse as well as the broad values of political and social equality it assumes.