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sensual / чувственный, сладострастный, плотский
имя прилагательное
sensual, sensuous, voluptuous, carnal, sexy, libidinous
voluptuous, sensual, lascivious, concupiscent, libidinous, hot
carnal, fleshly, fleshy, sensual
имя прилагательное
of or arousing gratification of the senses and physical, especially sexual, pleasure.
the production of the ballet is sensual and passionate
She introduced him to sensual and sexual pleasure, but her continued liaisons caused him pain.
You can have a great time with a partner, feeling aroused, sensual , intimate and loving, and not have an orgasm.
She has this big box of sensual anger that's all neatly locked up by her superego.
She was obviously a sensual and passionate woman who loved listening to and playing music.
Sleep is likely to be fitful while you linger in the delicious sensual afterglow.
His films generally concern the cruel power of obsessional love and the need for sensual pleasure.
It's such a sensual treat that I wonder if I can just get the hair wash and skip the cut altogether.
Sex is seen as part of this sensual excess; it's not transformative or transcendent.
The Moon in Pisces refers to a voluptuous and sensual nature and is often cited as indicating numerous attachments.
She loves text and she loves to create rich, vibrant, sensual worlds around words.