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sensor / датчик, чувствительный элемент, воспринимающий элемент
имя существительное
sensor, transducer, detector, actuator
чувствительный элемент
воспринимающий элемент
имя существительное
a device that detects or measures a physical property and records, indicates, or otherwise responds to it.
The sensors measure the response of different parts of your brain to the noises.
They then measured the arousal of the men by using a sensor which monitored penile tumescence.
Each of the five devices has a motion sensor which triggers off a loud voice when people walk past.
When they opened up the sensor that had detected the fire, they found nothing more sinister than a dead fly.
This generates battery power for the lamp and there is a light sensor to detect whether it is dark enough to switch on.
Cabbies could pay a charge for an electronic sensor to make it fall when they approached.
In other words the electronic odour sensor can detect the presence of bacteria in a sample of urine or other body fluids.
The type of the rotor is detected in response to the output signal from the sensor .
I have been assured that there is no fault with the temperature sensor or gauge.
Ceiling speakers pump music into every room, and special sensors can detect water leaks.
Finally, the researchers have developed new, highly responsive pressure sensors .