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sensibility / чувствительность, восприимчивость, точность
имя существительное
sensitivity, sensibility, susceptibility, sensitiveness, responsiveness, feeling
susceptibility, receptivity, sensibility, perceptivity, impressionability, recipiency
accuracy, precision, exactness, fidelity, correctness, sensibility
имя существительное
the ability to appreciate and respond to complex emotional or aesthetic influences; sensitivity.
the study of literature leads to a growth of intelligence and sensibility
the study of literature leads to a growth of intelligence and sensibility
The inability to hold down a job is no longer seen as a moral failing, but as a sign of heightened sensibility .
Such immersion in the language and ways of the Andalusian countryside profoundly influenced his sensibility .
Their films will be appreciated by children but display the kind of humour and sensibility that will endear them equally to adult viewers.
This game appealed to every aspect of my intellect and aesthetic sensibility .
An aesthetic sensibility encourages a child to look for harmony, colour and gentleness all around.
This is a school which has been hated by any pupil of any intelligence or sensibility for as long as it has existed.
Mature gentlemen should cultivate some sensibility and awareness of the aesthetics of these things.
The Spanish conquest brought with it a completely different architectural sensibility .
Chinese artists show unique sensibility and emotion in their observation.