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sensationalism / сенсуализм
имя существительное
имя существительное
(especially in journalism) the use of exciting or shocking stories or language at the expense of accuracy, in order to provoke public interest or excitement.
media sensationalism
Instead the journalist seemed more interested in sensationalism .
If I wanted I could probably make an argument that journalism and sensationalism are one and the same thing.
The result is to create sensationalism in the media at the expense of the union and its management.
But catchy headlines are one thing, basing an entire front page story on nothing but sensationalism is quite another.
Going any deeper into speculation would be journalistic sensationalism .
media sensationalism
Unfortunately, according to the present dogma health care is not a matter of health, merely a matter of political demagogy and media sensationalism .
The mummy never existed and the entire tale is a journalistic exercise in bad writing and witless sensationalism , a story that the British Museum is often called upon to deny.
media sensationalism
To swear the sensory intermediaries or observation sentences into truthfulness then, one has to capitulate to sensationalism or phenomenalism and forget physicalism.