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sensation / ощущение, сенсация, чувство
имя существительное
feeling, sensation, sense, feel, perception
sensation, brouhaha, knockout, rattler, front-pager
feeling, sense, sensation, sentiment, emotion, pulse
имя существительное
a physical feeling or perception resulting from something that happens to or comes into contact with the body.
a burning sensation in the middle of the chest
a widespread reaction of interest and excitement.
his arrest for poisoning caused a sensation
The effect is most obvious in those parts of the brain concerned with movement, sensation , speech and vision, which are situated close together.
The contrast of salty cheese, sweet honey and nutty toasted bread is a taste sensation .
they had lost sensation in one or both forearms
But the British Museum caused a sensation in the early 1800s when it dared display the Elgin Marbles.
Darwin caused a sensation when he published the work in 1871.
Just the eerie sensation that was present in the creepy scenery.
Putting the glass back down on the table, he let his gaze settle on Ali as she leant back in her chair, closing her eyes and shuddering slightly as the burning sensation spread throughout her body.
But as even the tiniest elements of our small talk have to be translated, I'm gripped by the giddy sensation that the world has just ground to a halt.
In the case of sensation , the capacity for perception in the sense organ is actualized by the operation on it of the perceptible object.
In an information-processing approach there are no clear lines of demarcation between sensation , perception, and cognition.