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seniority / старшинство, трудовой стаж
имя существительное
seniority, precedence, superiority, priority, precedency, anteriority
трудовой стаж
имя существительное
the fact or state of being older or higher in position or status than someone else.
one by one, in order of seniority, employees' names were called
a privileged position earned by reason of longer service or higher rank.
pay and benefits rise with seniority
An additional week of vacation will be given to workers with over 30 years of seniority .
26 archbishops and bishops in order of seniority
You don't get to his level of seniority at the age of 42 without playing hard ball.
Under the old agreement, pensions ceased to increase in value beyond 30 years of seniority .
We have people in authority who were promoted based on seniority , not ability.
Workers with decades of seniority are being excessed, required to take physically demanding jobs or forced into early retirement.
They will also enjoy a right of seniority in the different public departments in which they work.
Correspondingly a mother's sister is literally called "small mother" or "big mother" depending on their seniority .
one by one, in order of seniority, employees' names were called
Attitudes are learnt through observation of those in relative power or seniority .