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senior / старший, выпускной, последний
имя прилагательное
senior, elder, older, head, major, superior
outlet, exhaust, final, senior
last, latest, latter, recent, final, senior
имя существительное
senior, senior man
имя прилагательное
of a more advanced age.
he is 20 years senior to Leonard
holding a high and authoritative position.
he is a senior Finance Ministry official
имя существительное
a person who is a specified number of years older than someone else.
she was only two years his senior
It had been the first day of my senior year at Edinburgh University when I saw him for the first time.
The work will involve building two new campuses for primary and special needs education, a new senior school, and converting an existing building.
The day I met this man I've told you about was after my first day of my senior year at Gloria High School.
You may wonder what you have to offer someone 20 years your senior or professionally in advance of your position.
It didn't matter that Carrie was the popular senior girl at my school, she still was a close friend of mine even though I'd thought we'd grown apart.
Most people had no idea that anything significant had changed in the senior ranks of the Conservative party, or that any new message had been sent out.
Do you feel there is a genuine wish amongst your colleagues, and if necessary, at more senior rank in the Metropolitan Police, to make such a model work?
As he looked around the upper room of the Salt Lake Temple where the quorum held its meetings, he discovered that every man there was at least twenty years his senior .
Haas, a twenty-one-year-old pianist, is in her senior year at the University of Pittsburgh.
The children all participated in the liturgy while the senior school children sang suitable hymns.