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senile / старческий, сенильный, дряхлый
имя прилагательное
senile, old, aged, old age, elder, eldest
decrepit, senile, infirm, ramshackle, wintery, wintry
имя прилагательное
(of a person) having or showing the weaknesses or diseases of old age, especially a loss of mental faculties.
she couldn't cope with her senile husband
имя существительное
a senile person.
you never know where you stand with these so-called seniles
And I must say that the rôle of senile fool is one that fits you rather well, Uncle.
Ten minutes can be a very long time if one has to listen to someone go on about the digestive disorder their senile aunt suffered from a few months back.
That's the way my senile grandfather looks when I tell him he would have made a great first baseman for the Yankees.
Mind you, when you get too old then they will dismiss everything you say because they think you're senile .
Someone must have told this daughter to speak facts succinctly when dealing with a senile parent.
It likewise cannot handle the insane and the senile .
She's a gun-shy divorcee whose surround-sound biological clock is ticking so loudly that everyone - from her senile aunt to her nosy butcher - is scrambling to set her up.
She's so senile , but very sweet… and very happy.
And yes, the evening was also about the world of difference young minds can make when compared to the senile .
Mr. Jared still lives in that house, now all alone, and the last I heard he was senile in old age, half crazy and awaiting death each day.