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send-off / проводы, почин, хвалебная рецензия
имя существительное
seeing off, send-off
initiative, handsel, hansel, send-off
хвалебная рецензия
имя существительное
a celebratory demonstration of goodwill at a person's departure.
I got an affectionate send-off from my colleagues
But when his life-saving skills seemed to fail, he decided to give Fatty Neil and Slim a decent send-off with some of his favourite tipple.
It was the ideal send-off and how I wanted it to be.
It is unfortunate that the government or the Sports Association do not have money to give a send-off to our athletes.
I had a marvellous send-off and quickly and quite happily settled into a new routine, including a part-time job.
As a fitting send-off to this stalwart of the York amateur stage scene, the society will be looking to emulate the sell-out success of Oliver!
Their only concern is giving yesterday's heroes a fitting send-off and that might yet prove their downfall.
His family and friends and work colleagues gathered at Pat Sheehan's pub in Firies last Friday to give him the send-off he fully deserves.
One of Calderdale's most colourful characters got the send-off he wanted when a barge carrying his coffin ferried him to his final resting place.
I got an affectionate send-off from my colleagues
Queen Ida, landlady of the Slip Inn for 24 years, was given a grand send-off at her funeral at Milnrow Parish Church on Monday.