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send / отправлять, послать, посылать
send, set off, send out, forward, transmit, send off
send, dispatch, transmit, forward, despatch, refer
cause to go or be taken to a particular destination; arrange for the delivery of, especially by mail.
we sent a reminder letter but received no reply
affect with powerful emotion; put into ecstasy.
it's the spectacle and music that send us, not the words
send your document as a PDF attachment
The enchanting vivaciousness his women exude could send any man into ecstasy.
we'll send you a taxi in 10 minutes
Even though he had been sentenced to detention, the authorities did not have to send Joe to prison.
Jade Emperor cried, and he summoned Mountain God, ordering him to send mountains to fall upon the dragons.
The case was heard at Andover, which has custody facilities, in case the magistrates decided to send Little to prison.
We said that we would send letters and post cards and call as often as possible.
we'll send a representative
many parents prefer to send their children to single-sex schools
he asked them to send a doctor