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senator / сенатор
имя существительное
имя существительное
a member of a senate.
By contrast, the legitimacy of Congressmen, senators , and the president lies solely in their election.
He made his horse a Roman senator , complete with golden stall and senatorial robes.
Elected a Communist senator , he was forced to flee Chile after the passage of a law that made the party illegal.
Both Democratic and Republican senators treated him with impatience bordering on contempt.
When planning to present a Senatorship , allow sufficient time to get the forms submitted and approved.
Matters were even worse for Southern Republicans with senatorial ambitions.
Foreign policy was a senatorial matter and not subject, with some famous exceptions, to popular control.
Labor, Green and Democrat senators moved a motion on October 16 supporting the strike.
It will apply to new members and senators voted in at the next election.
The class systems from highest to lowest were the senators , councilmen and their families.
The Prime Minister appoints the senators in the Upper Chamber, and the judges of the Supreme Court.