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senate / сенат, совет в университете
имя существительное
senate, Seanad Eireann, seanad
совет в университете
имя существительное
any of various legislative or governing bodies, in particular.
The count has also supplied more than 40 French embassies; the French Prime Minister's residence; the senate and the French National Assembly.
And the sad thing is that not a single woman in the legislature spoke up or even mentioned a single word in national assembly or the senate about these cases.
Muhamad said the curfew was imposed at the request of the student senate and the university's student representative council.
Department reps will hold another mass protest outside the next meeting of the university senate , when the departments' future will be voted on.
The legislative branch is composed of a bicameral parliament with a senate appointed by the ruling party and an assembly chosen by popular vote.
However, the Roman senate did not share their emperor's enthusiasm for the new faith.
He said results showed rejection of Democratic ‘obstructionism’ in the senate .
On the Ides of March, two days before he was due to leave Rome on his great eastern expedition, he was stabbed to death at a meeting of the senate in Pompey's new theater.
We have had here more than 200 potential investors, two governors of regions, one deputy minister, four ministers, the vice premier and the president of the Italian senate and there are still a lot to come.
Because of him, we have the largest number of women policy-makers in the national assembly and senate today.