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semolina / манная крупа
имя существительное
манная крупа
semolina, farina, manna-croup
имя существительное
the hard grains left after the milling of flour, used in puddings and in pasta.
Smeeda or large grain semolina flour is the grain of choice to make couscous.
Small dumplings, poached in boiling water then tossed with some kind of sauce, gnocchi can be made of potato, flour and ricotta, semolina , milk and cheese, and even polenta.
This corn-meal-sized grain is made from semolina , and is typical to Northern Africa.
These new noodles substitute soy flour for semolina flour and may contain egg whites or yolks to boost protein.
Add the remaining flour, semolina , of the bowl between each addition.
In a medium bowl, mix bread flour, semolina and eggs until just combined.
One of the most familiar Moroccan foods in American supermarkets, couscous is made from grains of very fine semolina and is steamed until barely soft.
Stir in the chocolate, then fold in the flour and semolina .
Smeeda or large grain semolina flour is the grain of choice to make couscous.
In the case of non-vertically integrated firms, buyers are pasta manufacturers that purchase semolina flour and process it into pasta product.
Meanwhile, couscous is actually tiny grains of Moroccan style pasta made from semolina wheat with fluffy texture (although the taste is different, its form reminded me of rice).