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semiotics / семиотика
имя существительное
semiotics, semiology, semeiology, semeiotics
имя существительное
the study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation.
I have always been concerned with semiotics - the study of signs and symbols as communication - and how so many persons fail to see how misleading certain subtle methods can be in deceiving them.
The successors to Frazerism and ritualism have been principally two: structuralism and semiotics .
Those finding the answer in rhetoric (sound as oratorical figures) or semiotics (sound as signs) will alike pick on the more graphic elements in his music.
Endless books on the cinema - whether they propounded auteur theory or semiotics or cultural studies - forsook the intelligent general reader for arcane interpretation.
Issues of race, gender, freedom, desire, language, mythology, sexuality, semiotics , signs, slavery, psychology, and power persisted in his fictions.
Language-based approaches, such as semiotics , structuralism, and post-structuralism, are not vision-based.
Not all of which moves towards discursive literacy, nor is it meant to be captured solely by semiotics of language and linguistic systems.
In common with socio-linguistics, social semiotics assumes that language varies with social context, and also assumes that the reader of any narrative system plays an active part in its interpretation.
It is hardly surprising then that so many of them should be fascinated by semiotics - the signs and symbols by which we order our lives.
Structuralism and semiotics thought more about the technicalities of linguistic and literary forms.
Studies in film semiotics will have us know that film itself functions as a cultural language, one that provides a distinct visual vocabulary upon which viewers will call to make sense of the fragmented culture in which they live.