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seminar / семинар, научная конференция, интенсивный курс обучения
имя существительное
seminar, workshop
научная конференция
интенсивный курс обучения
имя существительное
a conference or other meeting for discussion or training.
They go off to meetings, seminars , conferences, and never involve anyone at a non-director level.
There will be opportunity at the conclusion of the seminar for questions and debate.
But one might think that it must be a seminar or theory class for those students separately.
As part of the seminar , students pasted stickers on safe driving on vehicles.
Despite initial concerns, the students at the seminar were supportive of the initiative.
I was lucky enough to be able to attend his final seminar class before his retirement.
Life in that parsonage was like one long seminar from a university tutor.
a seminar group of sixteen students
He introduced the seminar method to teach students the latest advances in mathematics.
This was the topic of a recent seminar at the prestigious Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore.
The seminar is aimed at students and those interested in careers in these dynamic sectors.