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semiconductor / полупроводник
имя существительное
semiconductor, semi, quasi-conductor
имя существительное
a solid substance that has a conductivity between that of an insulator and that of most metals, either due to the addition of an impurity or because of temperature effects. Devices made of semiconductors, notably silicon, are essential components of most electronic circuits.
Excitons are created in semiconductors when a laser field promotes an electron from the valance band to the conduction band.
As a semiconductor for electronics, silicon has always been a compromise between cost and ability.
This radiation damage can be avoided if a semiconductor other than silicon is used.
One way is to shine a laser on a semiconductor to give some of its electrons a boost.
About two-thirds of nanotubes are semiconductors , and the remaining third are metals.
Depending on the atomic species, ion beams can be used to dope semiconductors even as they carve out circuit patterns.
I am talking about real technology companies that make real things like semiconductors or components or have proprietary software.
Let's start with the components and semiconductors used in telecommunications.
Unlike most polymers, conducting polymers have the electrical and optical properties of metals or semiconductors .
Taiwan is now a world-class supplier of personal computers, computer components and accessories and semiconductors .
His field was organic or carbon-based semiconductors , and Schön appeared able to grab every holy grail in the business.