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semicolon / точка с запятой
имя существительное
точка с запятой
имя существительное
a punctuation mark (;) indicating a pause, typically between two main clauses, that is more pronounced than that indicated by a comma.
Most letters would be vastly improved if they contained some short, even one-word sentences; and some change-of-pace punctuation like semicolons , dashes, question marks.
What follows a semicolon explains, elaborates, or clarifies the clause that appears before the semicolon .
I attended the news conferences of February 27 and a reporter asked me whether that moment was a period or a comma or a semicolon in the story of Catholicism in America.
Note that attributes are separated by commas, whereas each rule ends with a semicolon .
So few people understand how a semicolon is supposed to work, and even those who do routinely appear stuffy, because most of the time they could use separate sentences or an em-dash instead.
Eddie finds himself without much to do - Ted's books tend to run about 500 words, and he keeps the kid busy retyping the thing, changing a comma to a semicolon and back again.
Maybe it says you're a little naughty if you use a semicolon instead of a colon?
We now have to follow world accounting standards and world other standards, so why do we not just follow world tax law grammatical standards and settle for the semicolon ?
If you don't know whether or not to use a colon, a semicolon , or a dash, cut that sentence down!
A semicolon here, a stronger verb there, and do you really need that dependent clause?
In the realm of punctuation, a comma is used for a brief pause, a semicolon for a more moderate pause, and a period as a full stop.