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semi-skilled / малоопытный, полуквалифицированный, недостаточно квалифицированный
имя прилагательное
недостаточно квалифицированный
имя прилагательное
(of work or a worker) having or needing some, but not extensive, training.
assembly lines of semiskilled workers
Much of Europe's defense spending goes to keeping large numbers of semi-skilled soldiers under arms, rather than providing modern equipment or high-tech training.
I know that it will be welcomed by the union movement, as unions have been concerned about skilled migrants who are forced into unskilled and semi-skilled work, undercutting wages and conditions of employment.
Basic pay is low, in most cases below $100 per month for semi-skilled workers.
Whereas in the heyday of the proletariat there was a bunching of semi-skilled workers in the centre, marginalizing skilled artisans and unskilled casual workers, now a line divided the working class through the middle.
It is also clear that there are nearly no new industrial jobs for semi-skilled workers in the near future, because there is no labour intensive industrial expansion in sight.
The government gained the support of ‘Essex man’, the patriotic, Sun-reading, skilled or semi-skilled worker in new towns such as Basildon.
He explained that it is these skilled and semi-skilled workers who form the teams that are often sent far and wide across the country to work.
Some 27 percent of those unskilled and semi-skilled workers said they had been in their job for less than 12 months.
The government should not lift the prohibition on sending semi-skilled workers overseas as long as the manpower ministry is unable to improve its poor delivery system, says a labor export service association.
Historically unions have been a very important tool for improving low-wage and semi-skilled workers' earning power and then putting pressure on business to improve productivity at those levels to remain competitive.