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semi-professional / полупрофессиональный
имя существительное
a person who is engaged in an activity on a semiprofessional basis.
имя прилагательное
receiving payment for an activity but not relying entirely on it for a living.
a semiprofessional musician
They faced a tricky home match against a Dragons side boosted at this stage of the season by a few semi-professional players, but they came up trumps to stay in touch with the National Conference league division one leaders.
The choir, which includes professional and semi-professional singers from across the UK, will be performing at St Mary's Parish Church in Dalton.
Children as young as 10 years old perform alongside the ensemble's core of semi-professional adult musicians.
It's an ideal opportunity for the younger lads to step up from amateur to the semi-professional ranks.
Paul, who holds the highest qualification for a civilian driving instructor, said: ‘Sophie will be our biggest competition because she is a semi-professional rally driver and has been doing it for years.’
Nobody deserves this sort of pressure, and certainly not someone who is effectively a semi-professional .
A mean shinty player, Baxter has also played ice hockey at semi-professional level.
Every month they had matches with semi-professional sides and other homeless sides around London.
I'll be posting there pretty frequently, so if you want to see what I look like in semi-professional mode, head on over.
One thing's for sure, women are knocking down more barriers than a drunk driver and I wouldn't be the slightest surprised to find mixed football played in this country, at a semi-professional level at least, by 2020.