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semi-finished / полуфабрикат
имя прилагательное
prepared for the final stage of manufacture.
crude steel and semifinished metal products
I emphasize, once again, that each time we combine materials and parts into semi-finished or finished products, we are decreasing the percentile of the total cost of that product incurred as a cost of transportation.
Preparation of the semi-finished products consists of preparing the component parts of the tyre: rubber, textile and metal plies and bead wires.
But so far, reports of increased pricing power have been spotty across industry groups and concentrated in the business-to-business markets for materials and semi-finished products.
The Skanova breadth of product is intriguing; it is prepared to sell semi-finished products such as cable drum space, as well as dark fibre, to finished products that are essentially ready for use.
Although the term casting has been applied to ingot production, and certain components such as welds have a cast structure, it is intended here to deal with the casting of finished or semi-finished products.