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semi / полупроводник
имя существительное
semiconductor, semi, quasi-conductor
имя существительное
a tractor-trailer.
she pulled into the path of a semi
a semifinal.
they defeated them in the semi
a semidetached house.
a three-bedroom semi
partly; in some degree or particular.
My first house was a three-bed semi in Saundersted, Surrey, which I bought for £15,500, £14,500 of which I had to borrow.
The house was a three bedroomed semi with a joint garden at the front and an overgrown jungle at the back where bushes and vines actually reached out of chest high grass to scratch and scrape at the back porch.
It looks suspiciously like a freezer, only very, very large; like the trailer of a semi .
Eddie, an engineer by trade, started building his ‘castle’ when the run-down semi attached to his house went on the market.
They also plan to buy a bigger house than their three-bedroom semi , although Mr Stone said he would not leave his job as an IT analyst in South Manchester.
she pulled into the path of a semi
Sitting one day in their three-bedroom semi in Audenshaw, Andy and Anna looked out to see two teenagers climbing up a drainpipe of the Junction pub opposite.
Hollowshaw was kicked out of the three-bedroom semi after the housing association won a court order for possession.
Hannah's father, David, is a coal merchant and the family live in a three-bedroom semi .
Their semi pulls 30-foot grain trailers instead of normal 40-footers.