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semester / семестр
имя существительное
semester, term, half, Hilary, half-year
имя существительное
a half-year term in a school or college, typically lasting fifteen to eighteen weeks.
The primary mode of communication among students and instructors for both semesters was the university's email system.
the opening week of Harvard's autumn semester
Fiver was an outcast all through school, and he dropped out of the University of Nevada after a semester .
In his first semester at the university, which was in the year 1857, he was taught by Weierstrass.
Ms Ardagh has spent the past semester at the school as a specialist art teacher.
The final two semesters involve a half-time internship placement and an ongoing professional seminar.
University officials want to eventually offer all eight semesters of instruction in the school's academy.
Mahmud, who studied at Al Wasliyah University - albeit for two semesters - does not like to dwell on his disability.
My grade book used to be the last thing I looked at when I wrote a reference letter, now it is all I know about a student from two or three semesters ago.
Most students take one class per semester; Purdue offers three semesters per year.
If possible, students can make school changes between semesters or at the end of the school year.