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semantic / семантический
имя прилагательное
semantic, semantical
имя прилагательное
relating to meaning in language or logic.
They are self-conscious efforts to thwart the confinement of written language and its semantic limits.
Lexical items in pidgin languages tend to cover a wider semantic domain than in the base language.
The language should cover all common semantic and syntactic constructs.
Another very important way in which a language grows is by semantic modification of existing words.
Formal scientific languages can be subjected to more thorough study by the semantic method that he developed.
But this is not a semantic question about the meaning of the word accurate.
semantic error
Two appendices provide the technical details of the semantic insight on which our approach is based.
They'll use a lot of legalisms and a lot of semantic language so that it won't be quite so black and white.
Its elegant script is unknown from any other source, and not one clue as to its semantic content has emerged.
I would be far happier encouraging the linguistic and semantic creativity you find in the hip hop community.