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seller / продавец, торговец, ходовой товар
имя существительное
seller, salesman, vendor, marketer, clerk, shop assistant
dealer, trader, vendor, tradesman, seller, trafficker
ходовой товар
имя существительное
a person who sells something.
street sellers of newspapers, flowers, etc.
a product that sells in some specified way.
the game will undoubtedly be the biggest seller of the year
Is the exchange specialized enough to provide what a buyer or seller really needs?
Hart said another big seller was a three-in-one powertool kit with a free workbench.
The first type, called futures or forwards, oblige a buyer and seller to complete a transaction at a predetermined time in the future at a price agreed upon today.
The buyer and seller give feedback on each other that future participants can take into consideration when making a trade.
There are three parties involved, the seller , the livestock marts, and the Department of Agriculture.
In a Nehemiah transaction, the seller reimburses Nehemiah for the down payment assistance.
I can't eat my soup and sandwich at Atlas without something to read, and so I stop off to buy the Nottingham Evening Post from a street seller .
He had never had a really big seller , and frankly was never likely to, because his books are much too subtle and demanding for the average Joe.
Even after the advent of stone and metal money, the basis of business transactions remained the trust between buyer and seller .
The sheer power of the Hip-Hop Economy is that a product can become a top seller simply by being mentioned in a tune.