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selfsame / тот же самый, тождественный
имя прилагательное
тот же самый
same, selfsame, identical, even, identic
identical, the same, identic, selfsame
точно так же
alike, selfsame
имя прилагательное
exactly the same.
he was standing in the selfsame spot you're filling now
The story writes against sensationalism and sentimentality (showing their falsity and shallowness) even as the plot operates in these selfsame terms.
Later, descendants of these selfsame clerics would carry their precious cargo to European monasteries where the Italian, the German and the Frenchman waited to be enlightened.
Those selfsame horses were slow and sedate but got things done in their own good time.
These holders have no idea whether home equity borrowers use proceeds not only to consolidate debt but as a re-entry vehicle into the selfsame debt.
I could prove in a second that she's my daughter - the books on the car floor, the busted pinwheel under the seat, the diaper bag, the camcorder with miles of footage of this selfsame child in my lap at our home.
When the selfsame people asked me in the evenings if I was going home, I had no reply for them: it took me years to reconcile myself to the idea of calling the attic I was living in a home.
The eight photoreceptors and 12 accessory cells occupy selfsame and stereotyped positions within each unit eye.
The selfsame people who sometimes drive you nuts can also be the main ones who can help you live a longer, healthier life and probably help you manage stress better, according to the Alliance for Aging Research.
The critique, I contend, often commits the selfsame mistakes that have become an almost accepted characterisation of anthropological practice.
Many, however, are the selfsame people who reviled and ridiculed the Celtic chief executive throughout his five years.