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selfhood / индивидуальность, эгоизм
имя существительное
individuality, personality, identity, selfhood, distinction
egoism, selfishness, selfhood, individualism, self-interest, self-love
имя существительное
the quality that constitutes one's individuality; the state of having an individual identity.
The game, then, is the stage of the social process at which the individual attains selfhood .
She explores the idea that selfhood is a narrative accomplishment, achieved by people telling stories to themselves and about themselves.
The traditionalists are at a huge disadvantage in either defining or re-defining any sense of selfhood in a cultural environment of differences.
Moreover, a polyphonic style resists univocal concepts of selfhood , which posit the self as knowable and unified.
The key to convincing selfhood seems to be to rely neither completely on the self nor completely on an other, but to tease out options in-between the two extremes.
Janie's spirit-filled narrative finally becomes that long-desired sermon on female selfhood .
It is internal to the formation of their Christian identity and selfhood .
This does not imply that he was without an acute sense of selfhood , personal vanity, or justified pride in his achievement.
It's about traumatic brain injury and the total decimation of self and selfhood .
They deal with questions of selfhood in different ways.
In an effort to maintain wider group cohesion, divergent voices are often dealt with by claiming they arise from entirely different strains of selfhood .