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self-worth / самоценность
He bolsters his non-existent self-worth by putting other people down in order to build himself up.
She has two adult children, one in Spain, one in Surrey, and when she wrote to us, had little sense of her own self-worth or where she was heading.
She has been saying and doing all the right things on the outside, whilst not quite truly believing in her self-worth on the inside.
She looks at herself in the mirror, with her short and kinky hair, and doubts her self-worth and attractiveness.
Sixty percent of the adolescents indicated that physical appearance determined their self-worth .
Most importantly, I realized a lot about where my self-worth comes from.
Boys mature later than girls, but they generally manage to get through secondary level with their self-worth intact.
They also suffer from depressive disorders and need constant reassurance about their self-worth .
To respect your needs is a great way to lift your self-worth and build a higher self-esteem.
Group or individual sessions can help you get in touch with who you really are and help you to believe in your own self-worth .