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self-willed / упрямый, своевольный, самовольный
имя прилагательное
stubborn, obstinate, opinionated, headstrong, dogged, self-willed
willful, headstrong, high-handed, opinionated, arbitrary, self-willed
unauthorized, self-willed
имя прилагательное
obstinately doing what one wants in spite of the wishes or orders of others.
the child may be very obstinate and self-willed
Nicole Kidman shoulders the strong, self-willed , yet vulnerable protective mother's role with grace.
It is not unreasonable to say that, for a visitor in Hinton's position, it took considerable insensitivity if not self-willed complicity not to be aware of what happened in those years.
For the grey-haired, being young is often equated with being hot-headed, turbulent, self-willed , obstinate, and too hot to handle.
This fits the notion that females are socialized to be dependent and obedient, while males are socialized to be independent and self-willed .
Henry's break from Rome is convincingly anatomised, and Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn both emerge as strong, self-willed players.
A child with an unbroken will becomes self-willed .
The man corresponding to this would also have love of victory, and would be self-willed and unmusical.
If he is now self-centered, selfish, and self-willed , do not think that he is going to change himself or that you are going to be able to change him once you get him past the ceremony.
He was self-willed , obstinate, aggressive, vindictive, beset by feelings of inferiority, and yet firmly convinced of his own abilities.
These powers and possibilities suggest an ever-escalating extension of self-will driven forward by our appetites and ambitions toward an imagined ideal of perfect bodies and perfect minds.