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self-taught / выучившийся самостоятельно
имя прилагательное
выучившийся самостоятельно
self-educated, self-taught
имя прилагательное
having acquired knowledge or skill on one's own initiative rather than through formal instruction or training.
a self-taught graphic artist
It was years before the self-taught artist found his own style - and recognition.
A self-taught artist, it was in 1997 that he first started wielding the brush.
Kent is a self-taught artist who for 10 years has been developing his own unique style of work by sculpting green wood with a chainsaw.
He was one of the greatest self-taught artists Trinidad has produced.
Yes, I am completely self-taught , though not particularly well!
A self-taught artist, Paul is introducing more abstract landscapes into this exhibition.
He was a self-taught , spare-time artist who supported himself by working for thirty-nine years in a bank.
In a country largely without formal higher education, they were self-taught thinkers.
Many of the artists who use the library are self-taught and make use of the books to develop their skills.
As a drummer he was self-taught and never took lessons.