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self-styled / мнимый, самозваный
имя прилагательное
imaginary, alleged, supposed, mock, putative, self-styled
self-styled, self-proclaimed
имя прилагательное
using a description or title that one has given oneself.
self-styled experts
Incurable diseases are being treated and cured by unauthorised self-styled doctors who have learned from their ancestors.
There is a sense today of the self-styled spokespersons for victim groups scanning the globe for something about which they can become outraged.
The only problem was that this heavy drinking, chain smoking, self-styled rock 'n' roll comedy outlaw had already made other plans.
It becomes clear these men are self-styled vigilantes who are attempting to intimidate the looters and take back the goods they have stolen.
In these organizations, any self-styled expert can sign up to teach a usually expensive course in any subject.
He's a self-styled mystic, widely regarded as a charlatan, exploiting the bereaved for money.
In that case, some of the core countries, led by France and Germany, would almost certainly try to go ahead on their own, in a self-styled vanguard group.
In 23 years as a pro, the self-styled hitman won world titles at six different weights.
By her own admission this self-styled intellectual is happy to live in cheap subsidised housing provided by the citizens of the city she insults.
This follows one year of unrest during which self-styled war veterans raided farms and businesses.